debuts Thin Blue Line Flags announced today that is is debuting a Thin Blue Line Flag designed to honor and remember law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty. The new flag is made in Memphis, Tennessee and crafted in heavy duty nylon. Each flag measures 3′ X 5′ and a second garden banner-sized version is available as well. The 3′ X 5′ Thin Blue Line Flag is a perfect way to show your solidarity with America’s men and women working to keep our communities safer. The flag, regularly priced at $39.99 is on sale for $28.

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History of the Colorado State Flag

ColoradoThe Colorado State Flag was added to the state on June 5th, 1911, and developed by Andrew Carlisle Johnson. A large letter “C” in the color red is two thirds the distance across the flag. The middle part of the “C” is gold and the foundation of the flag has three stripes, the middle stripe is white and the outside stripes are blue.The colors that were chosen for the flag are to highlight the natural elements that can be found in the state. The blue stripes represent Colorado’s blue skies. The white stripe is for the mountains that are covered in snow. The gold in the center of the “C” highlights the many sunshiny days and the red symbolizes the soil.

Controversy occurred in 1929 regarding the colors used and in 1964 a disagreement occurred over the size of the letter. These issues were solved by the General Assembly. offers a wide selection of Colorado State Flags for sale.